The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Group focuses on data architecture concerns as they impact users, developers and DBAs on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Upcoming Meetings

How Keys & Included Columns Work by Kendra Little

Wed, Jun 13 2018 13:00 Central Daylight Time

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How Keys & Included Columns Work

Learn how disk-based rowstore indexes are structured in SQL Server. Why can you seek on key columns? Where are included columns stored, and how can you use them? In this demo-based webcast, we'll use undocumented commands in SQL Server to explore the secrets in a real disk-based rowstore index.

Kendra Little

Kendra Little teaches developers and database administrators to write fast code for SQL Server at conferences around the world and online at She is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server, a Microsoft MVP, and a firm believer that the best way to learn is to actively solve problems.

 Call for Speakers and Volunteers

We are looking for presenters for the Data Architecture Virtual Chapter. Whether you have 10 minutes worth to discuss on a specific insight, or a raft of full-length decks ready to roll, we want to hear from you.

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Data Architecture underpins just about everything we do in IT. Without a clear understanding of how data is structured, there is no reliable way to derive meaning from it. Data Architecture drives the design and governance of data systems, and thus should be of interest to any data professional. Data Architecture provides the blue-prints that we all share, whether we be DBAs, data integration developers, database developers, data warehousing professionals, data presentation developers or client-side application developers persisting data for later retrieval.




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