The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Group focuses on data architecture concerns as they impact users, developers and DBAs on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

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Feeding a Multi-Purpose Data Lake by Mark Van de Wiel

Wed, Jun 20 2018 18:00 UTC

Feeding a Multi-Purpose Data Lake

The Data Lake is the new analytical data store of choice. Take data in its raw state and splash it into the lake. Traditional deployment approaches, such as using a file system for your data lake, however, may not allow the full potential of what a data lake can deliver for and business. Join this webinar to learn about how other organizations have approached their Data Lake projects and have achieved success. In this webinar, Mark Van de Wiel, CTO of HVR, will discuss: • trade-offs between various data lake technologies • considerations for data access and data cleansing • how to enable real-time analytics • how to capture once and deliver into multiple destinations, each to serve its own purpose with optimized attributes to best serve the user. This webinar will include a brief demo of a proposed setup using an SQL Database as a source. Bring your questions as Mark will field questions at the end.

Mark Van de Wiel

Mark has well over 15 years of hands-on experience with multiple relational database, data warehouse and data replication technologies including SQL Server. In his current role as technical lead for an independent database replication company HVR Software Mark comes across many SQL Server deployments, on premises and in the Azure Cloud. Mark holds and MsC degree in Business Administration from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

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